Like a Lady Sophii

and the smergelfish

onsdag, januar 10, 2007

This tiger won't fret his teeth on me
You've carried me too long to let go
You've made my wrist so strong
And how amazingly you've chased me

Among these steps towards dreams
My hand can hide safely in yours
where i won't be willing or able

to bite myself no more

I'm not that good at dancing, my Lord
But receive my feet of thanks and joy
You're map's not clear, but I don't doubt it
I fully trust you, though I don't shout it


  • At 11/1/07 10:33, Blogger Bob_Maria said…

    fantastisk to a point where it hurts.

  • At 15/1/07 15:29, Anonymous Anonym said…


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  • At 17/1/07 13:13, Anonymous Runar said…

    Jeg er glad i deg.

  • At 18/1/07 10:18, Blogger Bob_Maria said…

    jeg er forelska i deg


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