Like a Lady Sophii

and the smergelfish

fredag, desember 10, 2010

Break through the asphalt
beautiful, dusty and thirsty
Split the mountains, my waterfall
and I will dive into you
mental, free and clean
Set your soul on a spindle
somewhere along I will follow
Shine through your tangles, my sunbeam
and I will love to discover
every place you set and rise
Be still, my lonely beach
bury what you so deeply regret
Somewhere in the dust there's me
and a splint, a glimpse
a lighters hint of lightness

torsdag, desember 02, 2010

That you're my king


When I try to glue
when I collect my things
I run to you
where birds sings

When I try to sleep
when my hands don't fist
That's a joyful weep
through playful mist

When you whisper
my demons bury their own
and when you call me
that's an everlasting crown

And when you take my hand like that
and you wrap me in
And when you treasure me like this
and forget my sins

I just know..

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